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LMS Event

Postby GMKenlkemen » Mon Oct 04, 2021 11:39 am

Since only a few joined LMS in Beta, we will be hosting a LMS event in Live server next Saturday 16th Oct 2021, server time 13:00

There will be 3 rounds, the last person standing will be the winner, winners will be rewarded with below items on live server:

- winner of each round gets 5 insane map and 2 x g3 ring of choice
- who ever wins more than 1 round gets a R4 ring of choice
- In case who is good enough to win all 3 round will get 1 sword of Amurtart, together with all the rewards above
- whoever gets 5 kill streak will be reward 2 high map, 2 chaos map and 2 insane maps
- whoever gets more than 5 kills and eventually wins the round will be rewarded a craft g9 with rare of choice (together with all the maps)

- every skill/spell can be used except complete sanctuary and stone armor, concentration of divine grace (reflect) and dispel magic
- every consumable can be used
- Anti team will be turned on

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