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Here will be posted the upcoming events in the world of Dragon Raja.
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patch best on beta

Postby GMKenlkemen » Tue Sep 28, 2021 9:42 am

We will be hosting a LMS event in Beta server on 2nd Oct 2021, Server time 13:00

There will be 3 rounds, the last person standing will be the winner, winners will be rewarded with below items on live server:

- winner of each round gets 5 insane map and 2 x g3 ring of choice
- who ever wins more than 1 round gets a R4 ring of choice
- Incase who is good enough to win all 3 round will get 1 sword of Amurtart, together with all the rewards above

- every skill can be used except complete sanctuary and stone armor, concretration of divine grace (reflect) and dispel magic
- every consumable can be used
- player must use the same character that they want their reward on live

Wednesday the Beta accounts will be updated (but not the characters)
Players have the following commands to create the character of their dreams on Beta :

/beta levelup [level]
/beta tacticup [level]
/beta dualup
/beta dualchange
/beta legend weapon [dual]
/beta legend armor [dual]
/beta legend shoes [dual]
/beta legend hat [dual]

Where level is the level you wish and dual is the desired dual.
For example, to level up 50 levels, type : /beta levelup 50.
To get a D3 Legend Sword of your current Dual : Equip a sword and type /beta legend weapon 3

In addition to these commands, rare making is free and you can easily upgrade to G10 in the blink of an eye.

How to play on the Beta Server : viewtopic.php?f=67&t=24156

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