Crazy Tower Event

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Crazy Tower Event

Postby GMNeria » Sun Sep 12, 2021 11:40 pm

Dear player,

This coming 19th september at 16:30 st ,i will host another crazy tower event.

event will take place in knockers tower.
for those who do not know how this event works,
Heres how this event will unfold.

1st-we will begin at floor 1 , i will summon a monster among the actual monsters the goal will be to find it and kill it
2nd- at the special monster's death it will summon a boss for this floor, and i will reveal its location.
3rd- Once the boss monster get killed, there will be a new special monster who will appear in floor 2 whom will as well summon a boss monster when he dies. we will reroll this event , 1 special monster and 1 boss monster for each floor until last floor. Note this event will be pvp off

In addition to loot the bosses drops ,each special monster's killer will be awarded 1 insane map and 3 gold coins.

when : sunday 19th september16:30 ST

rules : find the special monster on each floor and kill the boss that will appear.

where : Knockers tower

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Re: Crazy Tower Event

Postby GMNeria » Sun Sep 19, 2021 7:28 pm

Crazy Tower had concluded , thanks to everyone who joined
special congratulation to our last hitter on each floor

2nd floor-Miakalifa
3rd floor-Snacker
4th floor-Sinovac
5th floor-Sinovac
6th floor-SG002

see you in my next Event

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