summoner's invasion

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summoner's invasion

Postby GMNeria » Wed Jun 24, 2020 10:50 pm

Dear player , this next week end there will be a....

Summoner invasion in town

After the return of 2 spies sent from each town, to gather intel about Amurthat's intentions , It has been know that amurthart is preparing a 2 front attack , on in each town , to conquer the cities at last.
Amurthart's henchmen will be sent sunday 16:30 in hope to achieve a complete wipe of the towns.

It is now up to you to push back Amurtharts forces. This invasion will proove to be quite a challenge.

when : sunday 28th june 16:30 ST

rules : kill the monster and his summons, figuring out a way to kill him will prove to be quite a challenge.Note that monsters will spawn everywhere in town while summoner is alive

be sure to join the forces to push the mighty foes back

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