If you have anything to sell, post it here. Selling characters and accounts IS NOT ALLOWED. Same goes for non-Dragon Raja content.
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Postby olizinal85 » Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:11 am


D3 Archmage Staff
D3 Grandwiz Staff
D3 Tzigane Aid Robe
D3 Archmage Smart Hat
D3 Grandwiz Basic Hat

D3 Saint NV Staff
D3 Saint Smart Robe
D3 Saint Masking Hat
D3 Avenger Resist Robe

D2 Paladin Accu Armor
D2 Paladin CA Boots

D3 Vigil Force Knife
D3 Vigil Desire Cap
D3 Toreador Dis Knife
D2 NH Force Knife
D2 NH Smart Shoes
D2 Vigil Accu Cap
D2 Vigil Dis Knife
D2 Revenant Accu Armor
D2 Revenant Speed Armor
D2 Revenant Smart Shoes
D2 Corsair Smart Armor
D2 Toreador Accu Cap

D3 Warsaint Accu Armor
D3 Desperado Accu Shoes
D2 Desperado Resist Shoes
D2 Triggermage Cri Armor
D2 Triggermage Resist Cap
D2 Warsaint Accu Armor
D2 Warsaint Desire Shoes
D2 Warsaint AC Shoes
D2 Hawkeye AC Armor
D2 Hawkeye Force Bow

D1 Corsair set (force,ac,cri,deisre and robber)
D2 Vigil set (force,accu,robber and critical)
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Re: Buy and Sell

Postby SVoCl4 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:14 pm

Sell D2 Desperado distance bow or exchange for D3 Archmage br stiff

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Re: Selling

Postby olizinal85 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:38 pm


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