News regarding the Beta Test Server.
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Postby GMSignPainter » Sat Jul 18, 2020 12:44 pm

Dear Players,

The Beta Server has been updated with the following patch:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Candles and Potions not playing any effect animation on the character when used.
- Fixed Extreme Dark no longer lifting Invisibility.
- Fixed Extreme Earth not doing any damage if the character does a normal attack right after.
- Fixed Twister being usuable with other skill trees.
- Fixed Twister being able to stun if combined with Charging.

- Add a Context Menu when right clicking on a character while in Peace Mode.
- Re-added the option for materials to automatically go into the player's inventory.
- Players from Vyseus & Zypern can now directly login into Barantan.

- Thieves can no longer be interrupted when attacking.
- LUCK now gives 0.85% accuracy every 10 points.
- Wizard's max ENDU has been reverted to its original values of 200, 212, 222, 232, 242 & 252.
- Invisibility can now be lifted again by ally spells & skills.
- Dragon Scale's Physical Protection has been changed back to 60%.
- Save from Dranger protection has been changed back to 50%.
- Additional STR points will no longer increase damage.
- Additional WIS points will no longer increase Priest Spell damage.
- Additional DEX points will no longer increase Critical rate.
- Additional MOVP points will no longer increase Critical rate.
- ENDU will no longer increase physical defense.

- Arrows/Knives will now go through other players while in Battle Mode. (Except during war)
- Extreme Wind Skill can now be cast from anywhere on the screen instead of having to click near the character.
- Removed Ifrit from High Level Treasure Maps.

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