News regarding the Beta Test Server.
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Postby GMSignPainter » Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:49 am

Dear Players,

Beta Server has been updated with Patch

This patch is still WIP (Island warfield is still missing as well as a few other tweaks) but is complete enough to start being stabilized.

Here are the contents of the patch :

Bug Fixes
- Fixed some skills not working on Castle War doors.
- Fixed Charging having a chance to heal Castle War doors & stones.

- Treasure Maps now give experience to whoever opens the box and their party.
- Prairie Warfield has been added.
- Castle War rewards are now given through the same NPC as the Local War instead of when the war ends.
- Fully Butchered corpses now disappear.

- Complete Sanctuary can no longer be used in the Local War.

- Dungeon rewards have been improved.
- Undead dungeon gates have been removed.
- It is now no longer possible to trade or drop potions in dungeons.

- Local War PWP rewards have been increased.
- Local War stones HP have been increased by 300%.
- Local War rewards have been improved.
- Local War now ends when either Vyseus or Zypern looses.
- Yllse stones no longer reward PWP.
- It is now no longer possible to attack people in war suits using characters not in war suits in non-war maps.

- Castle War rewards have been improved.
- Buff NPCs have been added to Castle War spawn areas.
- Potion Shops have been added to Castle War spawn areas.
- Castle War stones HPs have been increased by 30%.

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