News regarding the Beta Test Server.
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Postby GMSignPainter » Wed May 08, 2019 8:15 pm

Dear Players,

Beta Server has just been updated with the first version of patch There are still many things in the work but some features are already ready to be tested, which is why the patch is released.

In addition to the release of this patch on the Beta Server, I have also updated the account database to match main server's. However the characters haven't been transfered so you will still have to grind them. I will try to get NPCs to get to Dual 5 easily some time soon.

Regarding the patch itself, here's the changelist :

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Stone immunity not working for Stonization.
- Fixed several Client crashes.
- Fixed Enchant Hammer giving null rares.
- Fixed Cancel concentration of divine grace (or w/e it's called) not protecting against Life Drain anymore.

- Added Legend Hammer. A Hammer that will reroll a legend's effect and dual class but has a 50% chance to destroy it.
- Changed Enchant Hammer's success rate from 25% to 50%.

- Removed possibility to use Stone Armor on top of another protection buff.

- New Gateway system to improve network stability.

As I said, much more features and changes are coming, this is just an initial release, so expect more soon!

Also, as mentioned in the changelist, there is a new Gateway System. To test it, please log choosing "Europe" from your Gateway List when starting the Beta Client. If you wish to log the old way, choose "Canada".

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