Stolen Diamonds

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Stolen Diamonds

Postby 神Akuryo » Sun Jan 09, 2022 10:37 pm

Hello! My name is Akuma or Akuryo.

I'm sharing this report because there's been a glitch earlier today with my account. I had around 15.200 diamonds and when i logged on today they were all gone and i only had 220 diamonds left which is strange to me because i don't recall using them, i was saving them up to buy an outfit which i was looking forward too but when the diamonds were gone i was very upset. I hope you can check this out because it's really bothering, i spent the past weeks if not month to grind up to that much amount of diamonds and i wish to get the diamonds back. My account is in S81-Overlord. It's called 神Akuma it's the reserve character i use for the main one which i don't have the name of which is bothering me but 神Akuma is the account the diamonds shall be transfered over too and it's in need at least till next week because i've planned something with the diamonds, if you could try get me the diamonds back that'd be amazing, it happen when i logged in because i got stuck in the loading screen and when i restarted and joined back it was gone.

Thanks for taking your time reading this and as fast as you have any kind of reports about it please let me know if the 15.000 diamonds are back on the account.

Discord: 神Akuma#9282

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Re: Stolen Diamonds

Postby victor11 » Thu Mar 03, 2022 6:59 am

Try contacting the support. I had similar incident and got it fixed by contacting them.

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