Help in D3 GWiz -> D4 GWiz

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Help in D3 GWiz -> D4 GWiz

Postby sputz » Sat Jul 30, 2022 12:05 pm

Hi, i m D3 GWiz want to dual to D4 GWiz or Archamge but the npc in Hegemonia doesnt allow me to and weirdly the button on priest say *No Change*. i have the completed quest. And when i click on others it says *You are not qualified to increase the dual class grade*
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Re: Help in D3 GWiz -> D4 GWiz

Postby GMSignPainter » Thu Aug 04, 2022 11:29 pm


Make sure you have the required Fame. Also it says "No Change" for Priest because Wizards cannot dual Priest.

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