Amurtart Room Problem and Suggestion:

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Amurtart Room Problem and Suggestion:

Postby Breezer » Thu Jun 18, 2020 4:56 am

Make amurtart acttack power on everybody(every professions + rare or no rare)
the same rate " When She Has No HP " so that nobody has a need to bring 2 characters into
amurtart room also warrior won't become a MUST for looting.

Put a revive npc in amurtart room so that ppl won't be afraid not being rescued while die in helping.
Put revive npc a bit afar in which using ress pill and priest rescue still has an advantage.

Now GM/RC can really tell who's or who's not help hunting.

these are only some suggestions and it's up for discuss.

p.s. vys and zyp has been blocking each other's attack(arrow/knife) in amurtart room.
Is there a reason for that? or just a bug?
If that's a bug, please fix it, thanks.

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