What's Up DR Fams!

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What's Up DR Fams!

Postby iDerek4Real » Sat May 16, 2020 3:51 am

Hey guys!
First I wanted to say hello. (HELLO)^^
My names Derek. :W:
I've been playing this Classic since I was ten years old ^^ gratz
(I have been playing the global version for a while enough)
No I am not a professional at the game and I am still rusty. T_T
Got back into it as now I have way more patience and respect for the game as I am old. :love:
May we see a lot of new light and hope..
Long Live The Classic ^_^

ign: Nitpick
What's Up DR Fams!
I am just some rapper you can find that loves the game for its worth :hmpf:
@iDerek_Gaming or @iDerek4Real

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