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Character Simulator - Nox Addons

Postby kador » Wed Feb 24, 2021 4:03 am

Hello guys!

I am here to share my new Addon: Dragon Raja Character Simulator
Click here to download the Latest version: Nox Character Simulator V 2.0

With this Addon, you may Completly Simulate your character:
  • Select your Class (Archer | Mage | Priest | Thief | Warrior)
  • Select "Points per Click": if you change this, it will add more than one point per click
  • Select your Level - It will automaticly update the "Remaining points" (Points Left)
  • Select your Dual Class Level - This increase your Max Stats (just like the game does)
  • You can even add some "Extra Points" to simulate Rings, rares, etc.

This is the first release version, so I would really appreciate your feedback: let me know if you have any kind of troubles.
I hope you have fun using it :)

More cool addons to come soon ^o^
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