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Harassment Rule more in depth

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:13 pm
by GMTempest
A little more detailed information about harassment rule:

We acknowledge that Dragon Raja is oriented towards PK (Player killing). We also acknowledge that there are people who do not enjoy competitive PK and people who do enjoy competitive PK. The harassment rule is simply a tool to protect individuals who are not competitively PK oriented however this protection is only to a certain degree. For it to take effect remember the following:

- This does not mean you have a PK free card. The harasser simply cannot follow where ever you go to PK you, however they can still PK you by chance. This means you have to at least put some effort into avoiding the PKer. This means you simply do not go back to a location knowing the harasser is there and knowing that he/she will attack you, it will not count towards harassment.

-You are required to notify the harasser that you do not wish to be harassed anymore and that you will report him if his actions does not cease. In other words you cannot simply report someone for harassment if you do not give them a chance to stop. Notification can be done through any means (mail, normal chat, whisper). Each victim who wishes to be protected under the harassment rule must each send a notification individually.

- Your hands must be clean. Example being, if you instigated the harasser for his actions such as through verbal insults or killing the harasser first, we will not intervene until you at least apologize for your actions and ask the harasser to stop.

- Harassment is not just in the form of PK. It can be in the form of looting jobbing materials, blocking entrances to important buildings, verbal harassment (both in game and on forums), etc.

-Harassment is viewed in a case by case bases. There are many factors to come into play such as the location (If it is the only area available or if there are alternatives)

Criterias to be considered harassment
- 3 screenshots minimum. NO LESS. These screenshots must be unique. Do not post screenshots showing the same instance/information. Quantity does not equal quality.
- Ask the harasser to stop. Normal chat, whisper or mail all works.
- Different pits. EXCEPT Venom Dungeon (EXCEPTION: if in Venom Dungeon, the attacker takes your pit)
- PK on route to leveling pit is accepted and will count as a screenshot towards harassment. The only exception is if there is more than 1 path (West Glade for example)

Proper outline for filing a report
- List all the harassers
- List your side of the story
- List the harrasees if you are representing them
- If there are multiple harassers state your suspicion they are collaborating or if they are the same person.
-DO NOT post duplicate screenshots. If we see duplicate screenshots, we will not take a look at your report until you remove them. Duplicate in this case meaning screenshots showing the same incidence/information.
Examples of duplicate screenshots: A screenshot showing you getting attacked and a screenshot showing you have died from 1 PK incident.
-DO NOT falsify reports. In this case it means, making a report appear as though it meets the requirement when it doesn't.
Example: The most common cause is that a player will take a screenshot as soon as the incident begins, they will then change locations and lure the attacker to the new location and take a new screenshot. This is repeated until satisfactory screenshots are taken. This is not accepted and if you do it, we will reject your harassment report all together and if you continue to do it, we will reject all future harassment reports from you. Not having to be dead in the screenshot is a luxury given to you, please don't abuse it.

Re: Harassment Rule more in depth

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:29 pm
by GMTempest
New guidelines added to prevent future misunderstandings.