Invasion Round 2

Here will be posted the upcoming events in the world of Dragon Raja.
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Invasion Round 2

Postby GMNeria » Sat Dec 29, 2018 6:35 pm

Dear player

The troup deployed in lethe's river were defeated, but victory is not 100%.Empty boats were found near the lethe river coasts,wich means there is more to be found. in Lethe Mounts there was sightings of a giant balrog with wings , commanding to their troups and staging an invasion on Lethe Mount Outpost.
The invasion will be 31st december 12 st
First part will be to free lethe mounts from their army.

Second part will be to find the general behind this and kill him(as long as the general alive monster will keep coming(first wave of monster will drop items but not reappearing monsters.)

Third part will be to wipe all remaining forces in lethe mounts.

in hope of beeing rescued...

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