Amurthat's invasion

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Amurthat's invasion

Postby GMNeria » Mon Mar 23, 2020 12:27 am

Dear player,
There has been sightings of amurtart's outside of her castle, she might come near towns to try to invade with her minions.
this weekend after castle war there will be an invasion from amurthart in each town.
Rumors are that she wont be alone and will be helped by her minions to strike a severe blow to each town.

if each town manage to deal enought dmg to blow her illusions, she will appear in West Glade!!!
note that final hit will be rewarded in West Glade

Prizes: Anything the monster might drops
time: 29/03/2020 ,after Castle war (after secret zone) in each town, exact time the event start will follow in the notice in the game.
Rules: pvp will be turned off in West Glade

in hope to see you there

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