Friend Invitation Code NOT WORKING

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Friend Invitation Code NOT WORKING

Postby HELLGURL » Sat Apr 25, 2020 9:11 pm

So in order to UNLOCK the wardrobe for Facing of WITCHE'S FUN-FACE (eyepatch) and WITCHES GAME-HAIR, I invited a couple of people and had them write my invitation code down. I have had 2 people level up to 60 and that should have unlocked the eyepatch but it didn't. I'm frustrated and completely disappointed right now because I've invested a good amount of actual money into this game because I like it a lot. So, I also put in the effort, however, when a game does not compromise the consumer's efforts in supporting the game, you lose dedicated players.

Also, it'd be great if you guys could provide better and much more efficient ways for us to access opportunities in unlocking different outfits. Also, quit being so stingy with the goddamn rewards when you guys go under maintenance or other special events. I've seen many other games where they provide SO MUCH MORE for the players. I mean if you're going to give us an outfit, then give it to us permanently. Seven f*** days? Like WTF? YOU CALL THAT A GIFT?

I started this game cause the graphics were beautiful and the community is really nice and up to par for a mobile game. However, I'm getting sick of your guy's money hoarding and player treatment so if you guys don't make a change soon and abide by some of these customer complaints I reckon are somewhere along the line similar to mine, I'm done. I'm leaving.

I'll be waiting to hear back from you guys, please. Honestly, I'm a very lenient and compromising person when it comes to being a consumer since I actually LIKE to support these mobile games and or companies. However, if my efforts and investments are not meeting the minimum expectations in consumer experience, there is a huge problem.

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