Quality of life changes and bug fixes

If you have any suggestion in order to make the game better, tell them, they are always welcome.
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Re: Quality of life changes and bug fixes

Postby goodness » Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:25 am

hakka wrote: :!: Blood Lightning not hitting although animation shows it does hit. It just goes thru and no damage.

BL is already op enough.
If BL has 100% accuracy, it's way too much.

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Re: Quality of life changes and bug fixes

Postby VerreauX » Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:15 pm

Remote NPC control, except bank and potion shop.
Add dual quest items into santa shop.
Remove double exp pill, add instant exp boost pill instead.
Add material to upgrade rares from G1 to G10, or G9.

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Re: Quality of life changes and bug fixes

Postby VerreauX » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:30 pm

Add enchant hammer into Santa shop, and make it tradable.
Make whisper works for everyone, not merchant only.
Remove saint merchant, just make it can do double grade at anytime.
Link credit card to game like blizzard, people can buy/sell item at merchant board with real cash.
Improve achievement systems, makes them give you different titles or whatever makes players special.

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Re: Quality of life changes and bug fixes

Postby Richard14110 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:56 pm

Ability to quickly sell items by right clicking or double clicking?

Make ground targeted spells ignore dead bodies. When casting a spell and a dead body is in the way, it'll spend mana but fail the spell.
Also trying to move when clicking a dead body stops movement.
Both are annoying when there are a lot of dead bodies.

Save "Keep Character Centered" option between logouts. I've tried running the game as administrator, but it doesn't save that one preference. The others are saved fine.

Make the summons more useful? They only seem to react when the summoner is attacked.

Allow talking to NPCs when in battle mode, similar to how it is in the newbie area.

Some of the english text isn't translated well, especially the NPCs. I get that it's not a large priority. "Mine Field" made me think it was a danger zone with mines rather than a mining field. There are some other misspellings like Ogre spelled "Orge" which makes me think orgy king which is weird.

The lower level wizard spells seem useless when the higher ones are unlocked, either because they don't scale well or the mana efficiency is poor. Especially the single target ones like fireball, iceball, lightning, and chain lightning, as well as the walls, scorcher, and poison. Lots of cool looking spells with potential but they're wasting space. Not sure how it is for other classes.

There doesn't seem to be a difference between elements. Just damage increases from fire -> ice -> lightning. Everything seems to just be based on damage.
Fire doesn't have burn spells. Ice doesn't have slow or freeze spells.

The icewalls don't block enemies. Only block players when casted with pk mode on? Is it difficult to change the walkable area? Maybe just make it apply a slowing effect? And make the fire wall apply a burning effect?

Also, is there a way to show the history of the chat log?

Crafting potions doesn't automatically add them to the potion box if the box has the same type.

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