5 v 5 PVP Event Tournament (Year 2021)

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5 v 5 PVP Event Tournament (Year 2021)

Postby alexchoo2004 » Mon Jul 05, 2021 1:48 pm

We will be hosting a 5 vs 5 PVP event starting from 12th July 2021 until 31st July 2021

- 10 minutes per round
- Every team will face each other at least one round
- Winner of each round will be rewarded a 3 points, and loser team will have no point
- If both team have same number when time's out, there will be no rematch, both team will be consider as draw and 1 point is given for each team
- You will awarded additional of 1 point for team wipe (5 - 0)
- Team size: Maximum 5 players, different class, repeated class is not allowed
- The highest point gathered will be the Champion of Year 2021

Rules :-
- While event start (at Areana) Who ever curse GM in any form of language will be awarded -10 points without any consideration (Example: SB Event)
- Deadline for team registration will be 11th July 2021, any submission later than that will not be entertained
- Every spells and skills can be used
- Every consummate can be used
- Revival elixir and easter egg is prohibited
- Ress is not allowed
- SS and stone armor is not allow
- Summoning potion is not allow
- Each character is only allow to be registered for one Team
- You can team with character that is in different Nation
- All the prize will be given to Team Leader only

Tournament Wild Card: KOR 1 (Narae, Urian, MYMY, Rocuse, PenguinCereal)
- They need to fight the fight the top 5 teams
- Their team will be getting the same rewards as mentioned
- If they win 4 matches and lose 1 match, there will be two teams in 1st runner up and both teams have the 1st runner up reward
- Losing any two matches and they are out and only will be rewarded the 11th prizes

- 10 enchant hammer
- 10 unique rings with g3/R3 rare of choose
- 5 x d3 LG hammer
- 40 Insane maps

First Runner Up:
- 5 enchant hammer
- 5 unique rings with g3/R3 rare of choose
- 5 x d3 LG hammer
- 30 Insane maps

Second Runner Up:
- 5 enchant hammer
- 3 unique rings with g3/R3 rare of choose
- 5 x d3 LG hammer
- 20 insane maps
- 20 Chaos Maps

Third Runner Up:
- 5 enchant hammer
- 1 unique rings with g3/R3 rare of choose
- 5 x d3 LG hammer
- 10 Insane maps
- 10 Chaos Maps

5th Place to 10th:
- 5 enchant hammer
- 5 Chaos Maps
- 5 High Maps
- 5 Medium Maps
- 20 Gold Coins
- 20 5 Dollars Coins

11th Place onwards:
- 40 Medium Maps


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