2019 Christmas Events

Here will be posted the upcoming events in the world of Dragon Raja.
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2019 Christmas Events

Postby GMSignPainter » Wed Dec 11, 2019 3:20 pm

Dear Players,

I am pleased to (finally) announce you this year's Christmas Events!

Like every year, this year there will be several events. You will find some usual returning events as well as some new ones. Some content you can do everyday as well as a main event.

Everyday content:

Date: Dec 15th until Dec 22th (unless more are unlocked during the main event ;))

OX Quests
Like every year, you can find your usual OX Quizz map quests. There is one NPC giving you a random free item every day depending on your level and one NPC giving you a Monster Hunting quest.

Toy Hunt
Santa's lost his toys again! Every hour or so, toys will spawn in West Glade. These toys can be returnt to Santa in the OX Quizz map. He will give you various rewards in exchange.

Sars have been spotted in the following areas: West Glade, Hegemonia, Northern Wanen and Lethe Mountains! They seem to be comploting to ruin Christmas! Find and kill them, they usually hide a treasure... But be careful, they are known to be fairly elusive!

Main event:

Date: Dec 21th ST14:00

Phase one: Big Maze speed run

Big maze will be PK off, players will need to work out as fast as they can to clear the maze. An insane map will be rewarded to the player who unlock the portal each floor. Evil GM will have extra badass mobs summoned at dragon room for a speed run challenge, bonus rewards on killing blows of those mobs as well as dragon heart.

Server reward based on players performance:
Finish BM in 90 mins - additional double exp week unlocked
Finish BM in 60 mins - another addition double exp week unlocked

Phase two: Revisiting Yllse for revenge.

After Phase one, the evil GMs will be defending yllse at Sedless for the challenge. You will need to clear three Castle Stones(guarded by mobs) at The Great Jungle in order to step into Sedless, which is blocked until all the mobs are cleared, PK will be off at GJ. You will find the final Castle Stone at Sedless with PK on for everybody and GMs defending it, kill the shameless GMs :D and destroy the stone for the insult, bonus rewards on 5+ killing streaks, killing blows of GMs, and the stones.

Server reward based on players performance:
Finish all stones in 90 mins - additional week holiday daily quest unlocked
Finish all stones in 60 mins - another additional week holiday daily quest unlocked

Phase three: Christmas final boss appearance.

Final bonus boss will appear at the center of The Great Grassland, GM will not help to ress this time, so prepare for yourself! :lol:
Good Luck on the loot!

Server reward based on players performance:
Defeat the boss in 60 mins - 33% gamble discount for two weeks
Defeat the boss in 30 mins - 66% gamble discount for two weeks


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Re: 2019 Christmas Events

Postby GMTybern » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:46 pm

Event has concluded, thanks all participation for this long event, every server reward will be unlocked, I hope you all will enjoy it.

Phase one winners:
Portal(G3 ring): Q / MacDonald / Zhangxiao / Sunsun
Dragon room monster KB:
Skeleton archer(Med map): Sosooo, Macdonald*2 / Hansony / Server / Dak*2 / Snow / WoG / Pigslayer / nn
Vamp(High map): 4GO / WoG / Sunsun*2 / Qingdaofu / JackChen
White bear(Chaos map): GHC / HUggies*2
Barloc wing(Insane map): Kimura / WoG
Lich(Dragon Heart): nn
Dragon heart(Amurtart Sword): TrapMoneyBenny

Phase two winners:
GJ stones(G9 craftable rare): TrapMoneyBenny*2 / Yunxin
Sedless stone(G10 craftable rare): MacDonald
GM kill(G3 ring): ElectricDevil / HansonY / junxinkeqing / Maxxx / Skyhorse / SlumDunk / Targaryens / TrapMoneyBenny / Urian / UU11 / BlackBerry / DragonRajaSlayer / ElsaQueen / Immortal / RavnessLoxaerion / SunSun / Azurewrath
5+ KS(Craftable rare grade based on KS): Targaryens(12) / Heaven(8) / Mengyou(7) / PigSlayer(5) / HansonY(5) / Azurewrath(5) / Skyhorse(5) / MacDonald(5)

Please contact me for the reward (Y)

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