[Event]: 5vs5 Tournament

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[Event]: 5vs5 Tournament

Postby GMTybern » Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:49 am

Lets see how DRG first 5v5 Tourna turns out!

Saturday and Sunday, Feb 23-24th, 2019

Core Arena

20000RE for the registration fee each team, send application via forum pm to GMTybern before Feb 17th server time 00:00.
Team size: Maximum 5 players, no same class allowed.
Please apply with following format:
Team Name:
Team mates:
Preferred time Zone

Skills and Spells NOT allowed:
- Any reviving skill and spell
- Complete Sanctuary
- Stone Armor

Items NOT allowed:
- Summoning potion

Champion team will be rewarded five R3 Mantles or D2 Legends of players choice. 2nd team will be rewarded five Dual quest items or R2 Mantles of players choices. 3rd and 4th team will be rewarded five G3 rings of players choice.

Good Luck!

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