[Event] PVE Competition!

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[Event] PVE Competition!

Postby GMTybern » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:24 pm

Happy New Year Community!

I am planning to host a PVE tournament next Sunday. The original idea is to bring PVE to a competitive level, make more fun of it. This event will be monthly basis.

Sunday Server Time 15:00, Jan 14th, 2018
After Monster War

Core Arena(No buff and ress NPC)

I will summon five waves of different monsters from low level to high level, kill them as fast as you can so I can summon faster. Every team has 10 minutes to clear the waves. Time out will be considered as failed to finish. Winner team will be the one who managed to kill last summon with the least time.

Players need to form a team with maximum of three members to participate. Only level 1-99 characters are allowed. PM me via forum for registrations, a player can only use one character, means you can not register more than one team, same goes for all other teammates in this team.

Winner team will receive 3 insane maps and 3 R3 Rings of player's choice. Fastest team of the year will be rewarded 3 R3 mantles of player's choice.

Side note 1:
Update monster waves in details as follow. 1st wave: 30 Orcs; 2nd wave: 20 Etins; 3rd wave: 5 Dark Bears(drop med map); 4th wave: 3 Fatal Skeletons(drop high map) with 6 Sandworms; and the final wave: 1 Balrog(drop chaos map) with 4 Klattues.
Side note 2: Updated banned item: Summoning potion.
Side note 3: Updated event location.
Side note 4: Updated rewards.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. I will look forward to meet you all later!
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Re: [Event] PVE Competition!

Postby GMTybern » Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:02 pm

PVE Competition for January has been finished, we only had one team out of three made of it clearing all the summons within 10 minus.
Congrats for the winners: CurryChicken, StepUp4, and GucciGANG. (7minutes/33seconds) (Y)

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