Buy Sell Trade

If you have anything to sell, post it here. Selling characters and accounts IS NOT ALLOWED. Same goes for non-Dragon Raja content.
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Buy Sell Trade

Postby Yeehaw » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:39 am


G8 D2 Vilgante force knife
G8 D3 Warlock wand
G8 D2 GW wand
G8 D1 Warlock Wand
G8 D1 Warmaster Double Mace
G8 D1 Hawkeye Accurate Armor
G8 D1 Hawkeye Eva Hat
G8 D1 Lord Knight Boot
G8 D1 Conqueror Eva Hat
G8 D1 Warsaint Smart Shoe
G8 D1 Paladin Sword
G8 D1 Lord Knight one hand mace
G5 CA Red Prayer x2
G6 Desire Turbulence x1
Mantle Dye x 1
G3 curse +10 box
G2 Desire Box + Rings x alot
Skins - Orc, Scorpion, Man Scorp, premium cloth x many
Cyclops Skin x 40
DB Skin x 40
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Re: Buy Sell Trade

Postby brian88 » Wed May 09, 2018 8:57 pm

i have dc1 blade singler armor. im xmonica

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