Sannie's Buy/Sell List

If you have anything to sell, post it here. Selling characters and accounts IS NOT ALLOWED. Same goes for non-Dragon Raja content.
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Sannie's Buy/Sell List

Postby Sannie » Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:43 pm


Lord Knight I Sword
Lord Knight I Accu Armor (2)
War Master I Grapple
War Master I Fencing
War Master I Mace
Swash Buckler I Grapple (G7)
Swash Buckler I Robber Shoes
Blade Singer I Grapple (G7)
Blade Singer I Double Sword (G5,G8)
Blade Singer I Accu Armor
Paladin I Grapple
Paladin I Mace
Paladin I Double Sword
Paladin I Robber Helmet
War Master II Grapple (G7)
War Master II Spear
Blade Singer II Grapple
Blade Singer II Strike Helmet
Lord Knight III Grapple
War Master III Sword
War Master III Double Sword
Paladin III Grapple
Paladin III Mace
Blade Singer III Double Sword

Grand Wizard I Wand
Warlock I AC Hat
Warlock III Aid Shoes

*All LG above G8 unless Specified

G1 Force Red Prayer (123)
G1 Desire Red Prayer (44)
G3 Strike Red Prayer (1)
G1 Strike Red Prayer (8)
G5 CA Red Prayer (1)
G4 CA Red Prayer (1)
G1 Force Full Plate Helm (179)
G1 AC Full Plate Helm (126)
G1 Smart Full Plate Helm (90)
G5 Resist All Full Plate Helm (1)
G5 CA Full Plate Helm (2)
G4 Strike Full Plate Helm (2)
G4 Fatal Great Helm (1)
G5 CA Harper Shoes (1)
G5 CA Long Shoes (1)
G1 Desire Harper Shoes (30)
G1 Robber Turbulence (89)

Skin of Dark Bear (23)
Skin of Cyclops (15)
Gemstone of Blitz (4)
G3 Evil Solocher Ring (2)
G2 Desire lvl4 Crest of Star


Dual 1 or Dual 2 Saint
Nature Vigor, Smart, AC, Wise
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Re: Sannie's Buy/Sell List

Postby luxibb » Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:11 am

building spell dmg priest? you need BR ring and cape then :-)
(i have a g3 br solocher ring) :phone:
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Re: Sannie's Buy/Sell List

Postby hakka » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:13 am

luxibb wrote:building spell dmg priest? you need BR ring and cape then :-)
(i have a g3 br solocher ring) :phone:

buying g3 br solocher ring. PM me.

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