Give us your feedbacks on what you've played on the Test Server.
Please give feedbacks only regarding features you've tested on Test Server that are not present yet on the Main Server.
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Contact: Feedback

Postby GMSignPainter » Thu May 30, 2019 2:46 am

Please give us your feedback about the patch changes here.

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Re: Feedback

Postby Enigma » Thu May 30, 2019 4:39 am

Here is a form to help keep all the responses together and provide optimal feedback for GM's to provide a better Quality of life.

hateshado :hmpf: (Y)

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Re: Feedback

Postby Lenapark76 » Thu May 30, 2019 4:45 am

It's too much of a patch.
I don't know where to begin.
I was surprised to see that the SFD would be lowered immediately, but it is very hard to accept so many changes.
Is this Dragon Raja 2?

the good part
- Balance
- Legend effects pool changes

a horrible part
- Legend Changes
- Added a new rare type
- Symbol Changes

I understand your intention to broaden the range of legend items.
But many people waited for Legend shop, and the hammer is different from what was announced earlier this year. Can a legend hammer recycle an existing legend without spending money? I want to recycle the Legend I've collected without any more spend money. That's why I've been collecting it so far.

The symbol is now more adaptable, but it is confusing that it has changed again..
The content is also extremely extreme, with wiz and priest not dying, and the rest of the class dying easily.
I think the legend full-set stun immunity of priest and wiz is a good part. This is because it can be valuable to them.

But a bigger problem than these is that they equate the bonus effect of the legend item with the dual class and limit the bonus option if it doesn't match.
It does not globalize legend items and symbol choices, and it is extremely limited. We've been able to collect different sets so far. It also takes a spend long time. But you're saying you're not going to let me get a bonus option by putting a symbol limit on it? There is no greater collapse than this.
Why? Seriously, why?
It is a cage that has been collecting hard for the past year or two. Or they have gathered through competition, taking part in every month's event.
It's either not full set yet, or it's about to be done. But it's trying to make it meaningless. So, why have we been trying to gather up so far?

Can read and test it many times and accept the patch for many times.
But please don't change the legend item and do not add new rare items. penetration effect will ruin the balance in a moment.
Don't you know what the desire and the robber people have been yearning for?
When I saw the additional patch for a new rare type, I thought I should sincerely hope that this server will not be destroyed like a HK server.
The reason we still play this game more than 15 years later is not simply because it's fun, but because we enjoy our old memories alive.
It's not about being afraid of change, it's about being a game different from our memories.
Modifying existing content, adjusting balance and gradually adding is acceptable,
but the current patch is a major disaster for many people.

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Re: Feedback

Postby Jung » Thu May 30, 2019 1:16 pm

Patches like poop. Don't make it easy to kill. If that happens, the balance will be lost. A game without control is not even fun. Don't crush the diversity of the rarer into negligible probability. The staff of priests and wizards only needs protection.
Legends' new options are good.

Of course, I admire GM's hard work.
But this is breaking the balance again.

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Re: Feedback

Postby forecastsee84 » Fri May 31, 2019 6:22 am

please don't ruin our game.
already there's a unique option called Basic resist.
called penetration options will destroy the balance right away.
and how come only the wizard gets better?
why do you tie Legend set and symbols together?
we want to use various kinds symbols of legend set. If this patch is made, can see how many people will leaving.
worst patch ever. crash all the balance.

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Re: Feedback

Postby care » Sat Jun 01, 2019 1:41 am


- legend hammer (finally we have one)
- enchant hammer
- symbol changes (.....whatever)
- ability points
- stone armor thingies (this should have done for century ago)
- physical stun immunity on prz/wiz staff (useful.......maybe?)

- new rares types
- g10/g5 on lg set bonus
- capped g6-7 on d1-2 main effects :/ it's hardly to kill someone anyway if you wearing d1 lg set :/

- sfd = physical dmg reduction 40-50%, magical dmg reduction 30-40%
- lethy = physical dmg reduction 60%, magical dmg reduction 60% (only priest can cast spell)
- luck spell = 80% on hybrid classes, 100% on priest
feeling lazy. zzzzzzz

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Re: Feedback

Postby GMTybern » Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:45 am

Hello everyone, thanks for the feedbacks.
In order to explain the changes we made, I will break into several parts so you guys will get a clear overview whats the intentions behind it.
The overall concept of 1.7.4 balancing change is to make dual specialist more extreme, giving more build options, as well as keep the pvp fun to play without breaking the balance. Here are the major changes people talking about the most:

Ability Points changes:
- STR: Now gives 10 white power every 40 points past 650.
- DEX: Now gives 1% critical every 20 points past 530.
- WIS: Now gives the equivalent of 12 Nature Vigor every 20 points past 500.
- ENDU: Now gives 1% physical damage reduction every 20 points.
- LUCK: Now gives 1.4% Magic Accuracy for 10 points.
- WS/PS: Now gives an additional 1% Mana/Divine recovery every 10 points past 200 points.

We want to give other Duals more opportunities to play compare to the main steam builds: Paladin, Reven, Warsaint. Our thought on "hybrid priest" build is it should be an overall utility defense wise build, this dual should not out rank others on DPS matter. Hence we made STR and DEX getting more effect.
LUCK change was to compensate the BR cut from Wizard symbol, then adjust to Concentration value.
ENDU change was to balance the damage buff from STR and DEX.
WIS and PS buff is mainly for priest spell dealer build, I believe its a good start.

- Added a new rare type : Armor Penetration, replacing the Weary rare. This rare will pierce through the Hardest rares of the opponent.
- Added a new rare type : Spell Penetration, replacing Bear rare. This rare will pierce through the opponent's shield white AC.
- Added a new rare type : Concentration, replacing Mana rare. This rare will increase spell accuracy, countering Evasion rare.

I think Penetration is a really fun rare, its completely situational. This rare encourage extreme offense build, which I dont see much in current meta, where most players are relay on fair amount of defense. I know it could break the balance, we made many changes already before GMSP release the patch.
About Concentration, its mainly for counter Evasion.

Legend Changes
- Legend set Bonus #1 is now G10 for all Duals.
- Legend set Bonus #2 is now G5 for all Duals.
- Legend set Bonus #2 now overlaps Blue rares (like Symbols), but will only be active if the Legend set the character is wearing matches his Dual.
- Wizard and Priests Legend staffs now give Physical stun immunity ONLY if the character is wearing the full Legend set.

Set bonus is the hardest changes Ive ever made, combine with the New rare and symbol rework. The purpose of Legend rework 2.0 are: Define each dual more specific, Make use of caster set, fix the conflict rare between piece and bonus. Based on this concept, I think same dual with same legend set should be more powerful than dual with different set, hence we made #2 bonus red rare only can archive with same dual, this change also fixed conflict rare issue players had all the time. I know its a questionable change players dont want to face, because they build their set and dont want to go that dual to active full bonus. I totally understand this, and I wish everyone could try it on Beta then give feedback of what you think in particular, so we can improve it.
About Staff, I believe giving it skill stun immunity is a good way to encourage casters make use of their set and enjoy with it. I dont like the idea to make white AC on it, it just turn it into another "shield". Also make it one hand seems not ideal either. I am neutral to make it give white magic damage, but it leaves priest quite awkward, and it already gives blue magic damage to wiz/

- Save from Danger physical damage reduction has been decreased from 40-50% to 30-40%.
- Authority of Greatest Luck is now a Priest only spell.
- Lethy's Authority physical damage reduction has been increased from 30-40% to 40-50%.
- Twinkle Star physical damage reduction has been increased from 40% to 50%.
- Blind curses no longer blackouts the player view. Instead it now reduces physical and magic attacks accuracy by 37%.

SFD nerf, I think its a reasonable nerf due to ENDU gives physical reduction, especially to warrior class.
Greatest luck limit to priest only mainly due to the reason I think priest dual hybrid should not have this supreme offense spell.
Lethy and TS buff is mainly due to SFD nerf and armor penetration impact to caster classes(which usually have AC on all the time).
Blind changes is to make non priest hybrid builds suffer less, thus make more popularity of them.

This is the biggest balancing patch we ever had. I know its hard to accept so much gaming modify at once, I do believe they all necessary to change at once, to get the best result. We make a lot mistakes, thats why we keep updating new changes based on the players feedbacks. I honestly dont want to force you guys to not play in the "comfort zone", but our goal is to make the game more fun(meta shifting) and balance(everyone have a lot different builds instead of going to the "strongest" one). Hope you guys read our thoughts, and enjoy with it. I am listening all kinds of suggestions(for this patch), and will reply as much as I can, please feel free to harass me. Love you all.

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Re: Feedback

Postby teasiu » Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:53 am

first of all, fk the changes but thx GMs for ur contributions
i see the buff in single weapons but nerf in db hand weapon
we all know warriors choosing single weapon would hv lower dmg but higher ac. so wtf is now add a bit dmg and speed movement and removed the white ac in db hand weapon but not add more dmg in?
i suggest u should add about 30-40 dmg and remove the white ac in db hand weapon together.

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Re: Feedback

Postby J.006 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:05 am

Jung wrote:Patches like poop. Don't make it easy to kill. If that happens, the balance will be lost. A game without control is not even fun. Don't crush the diversity of the rarer into negligible probability. The staff of priests and wizards only needs protection.
Legends' new options are good.

Of course, I admire GM's hard work.
But this is breaking the balance again.

I even didn't see the balance in current Live Server.
All physcial class go to advance WarSaint,Revent,Paladin...Even few go to magic hybird.
Luck spell is too op to make the Smart property no use,there is only 2 symbol in Priest,Avanger or the Temeplar...avanger is only for runner..
LG sets for priest and wizard has little useful,why they need LG sets?
Speed rare in wizard are too OP,no others class can get the wizard if he has G15 speed...
Nobody use single sword and mace ,gauntlet..

Give the GM team some time to make the patch more perfect, then we can embrace the change,I think it will have more fun.

PS:Build is a fun thing..XD

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Re: Feedback

Postby Jung » Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:10 pm

Haha, don't look down on 20 years of DragonRaja user experience.
I'll prophesy
Were you worried about Paladin, WarSaint, and Revent?
Don't worry. All users since this patch
You're gonna want to be a priest and a wizard.

1. The defensive magic defense given to other users has been reduced.
2. The level of protection for priests and wizards has been raised.
3. added a new Damages rera to the Wizards and Priests
4. and added an Armor Penetration to the warrior.
Uh, but I didn't add it to Hunters, haha.
5. And didn't let the other classes use Great luck.
I can understand this, but the alternative's gone.

only added a little ACC to a few of them, haha.
Thanks to you, you'll be safe in a physical attack if you wear smarts. On the other hand, the fight between the physical attackers will be over easily.

5. That's the worst. Set and symbol should be the same?
If the set and symbol are the same, why do you think they should be strong?
in fact Because of the difference between sets and symbols
There were many combinations that I had never thought of.
DragonRaja has always sought diversity in the first place, in an attempt like "dual-class."
But thinking of tying it together. Oh my god.
This is the worst.

Eventually, the magic killing became easy.
Attacks against wizards and priests have become difficult.
The survival rate and firepower of the physical attackers have decreased.

So what do we do?
Oh, my God, it's a priest and a wizard. You have to do it.
Yeah, don't need skillful control. just need magic.
That will end the war.
Were you envious of YCDR? Now, the victory or defeat of all wars, The result will only depend on the number of users.

Were you worried about the clerics writing down?
It was a patch.
The problem has always been the poor defense of a priest.
But even with the shield, the deficient defense lowered the priest's survival rate.
If you put WhiteAC on a stick, it's a priest's survival rate, and would have caught both the use of the Legend Set.
Or the current Physical stun immunity is fine.

But this patch is
gave too many privileges to the sorcerer and the clergy.
That would lead to a decrease in the number of physical attackers.
I'm sure Haha
And when skillful control is not need, war is boring.
Only winning or losing is important. It's so boring.
Make users leave.

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