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Re: Saint symbol for priest

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 4:13 pm
by muking
mewraja wrote:Not sure about you guys, but i think offensive spell priest isn't going to work competitively in pk scenario.
There's only one spell worth casting and that is the d3 spell, which not only hit randomly on the screen, it doesn't do all that much of a damage compared to wizard's spells.

Sure it does some damage, but at what cost you need to go for the build just to make it sensible?
g10 br, g20 nv, g10 wise? losing all the ac for a fraction of damage that wizards have?

Priest needs to get wise rare just for them be "viable" for spell offensive type, where wizard doesn't need any since int gives faster casting.
even with g10 wise and the g5 red wise, being pepsi'd, i don't think there's a lot of d3 spell casting can go on as melee can properly time their hit to interrupt.

Priest doesn't have increase magic, and no haste (there's one lesser haste effect, at the cost of only having 20% reduced physical damage instead of 40%).
Not sure where u guys get the idea of offensive spell priest (i'm referring for pk scenario).
I think it is an interesting theory, but priest isn't meant for that in pk scenario.
The class lacks of good targeted spell, and casting mechanism.

Then again, just my feedback on the symbol.
I guess we could live with saint symbol being useless after all.
I mean, the very same saint symbol effect has been in live server for very long time already right? no biggie.

I think this post did include a lot of key points and worth to think about it.
The fact in massive pk is that priest will always be the first target for aiming and Pepsi, not because of priest too oped (LD is not an AOE skill, unlike BL OR FB or even ex light and earth, it can only hit one target at one casting, that's quite Long casting time as well) , but because of priest is the only class that can ress other... That's why priest need high AC because of this fact in mass pk.

Re: Saint symbol for priest

Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 3:37 am
by mewraja
Thank you Admin GM for listening to the feedback!
Good change and fair game.