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Patch 109a

Postby GMSignPainter » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:55 pm

Dear Players,

We have just deployed an update on the Beta Server.
This update adds a new feature, the Achievements ! While there was already somekind of weird achievements system in the game already, it never really got finished and had multiple bugs. Now we are adding a fresh new one that has an UI and should be working much better. Remember it's still WIP and some features might be missing. However all achievements should be doable.
The new Achievements menu can be found where the Arena matchmaking menu was, next to the war Menu (or by pressing Z).

This update also addresses some balance, mostly regarding consummables.

More balance as well as achievements will be added before the full release of the Patch 109 on the live server.

The full changelog can be found below :

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Resist up not updating Resist stats in character status menu.
- Fixed a crash when proposing a Guild Alliance.
- Changed the way Armurtart's summon works to be more reliable.

- Added a new Achievement system.
- Added a first batch of Achievements.

- Enlight potion now gives a blind immunity for 20 seconds.
- Anti-poison potion now gives a poison immunity for 20 seconds.
- Heavy Armor now shares a limit with Hardest.
- Agility now shares a limit with Smart.
- Power up now shares a limit with Force.
- Stroke now shares a limit with Accurate.
- Invalid Magic now shares a limit with Evasion.
- Resist up now shares a limit with Resist all.
- Invalid resist now shares a limit with Basic resist.
- Spell up now shares a limit with Magic & Nature vigor.
- Spell time now shares a limit with Magic & Nature stay.
- Slight now shares a limit with Wise.
- Speed up now shares a limit with Speed.
- Critical (candle/potion/food) now shares a limit with Critical (regular).
- Candles effects are no longer shared with the party.

Little note : Stroke & Invalid Magic still work as before, but they will get changed to work like Accurate & Evasion eventually.

Also, what I mean with "now shares a limit with" is that if you have G20 Force for example, Power Up won't give you additional damage. Or if you have G19 Force, it'll only give you the equivalent of G1.

You can find the latest beta patch here : viewtopic.php?f=67&t=24155

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