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Patch 107c

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:52 pm
by GMSignPainter
Dear Players,

The patch 107c aka the Dual 5 Part 2 Update has been released on the Test Server.
Sorry for the delay, my week didn't go as expected.

Here's the changelog:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a typo in a D5 Mission Quest.
- Fixed Level Quest not resetting properly sometimes.
- Fixed Local War giving way too many Dual 5 War Points.
- Fixed Dual 5 upgrade now giving the 100 extra stat points.

- Monster War has been changed. Now everyone spawns at the same position and must destroy all the doors to kill the guards.
- Improved Amurtart's AI to make the fight more challenging.
- Tactic cap is now increased to 220 for Dual 5 characters (not leechable)
- Enchant Hamme can now enchant up to G3 / High 3

- Symbols have been reworked.
- Symbols effects now overlap Blue rares.
- The hidden white resist of Priest robes has been removed.
- Life and Speed rares got their values buffed up.

- Map drops have been slighlty increased.

Re: Patch 107c

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:26 pm
by GMSignPainter
Small update of Beta server. We have changed the way AC works.
There are now steps at which AC will give less and less damage reduction.

[0-70[ : 2AC = 1%
[70-140[ : 3.5AC = 1%
[140-210[ : 5AC = 1%
[210-280] : 6.5AC = 1%

AC still caps at 280.