Patch 98a

News regarding the Beta Test Server.
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Patch 98a

Postby GMSignPainter » Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:58 pm

Dear Players,

An update has been released on the Test Server.

Here's the changelog:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Treasure Maps disappearing from inventory if you digged at its coordinates while ennemies from another Treasure Map were still alive.
- Fixed Quest Kill Counter not working with some monsters (fixes killing of Ether Etins for the Archer quest).
- Fixed several curses preventing from stunning.
- Fixed character unable to move when exiting job windows with escape.
- Fixed several minor UI bugs that happened when logging from one character to another.

- Added a potion that resets your experience. It can also prevent you from earning experience if you hold it in your Quick Item Bar. The potion can be bought in the Item Mall.
- Added a quest to reset Dual Class. The quest also allows you to change your Spell Type (just chose Priest or Wizard dual to change your spell to that type). You can find the NPC for that quest in Collossus Arena, at 87, 144
- Becoming Dual Class 1 will also allow you to change your Spell Type.
- Removed the limit of rares you can make every day for characters that achieved "Grand Master" in their jobs.

- Return and Luck priest magics now need the character to either be Priest or Dual Priest.

- Improved game's network quality, which should fix several lag issues.

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