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Postby Big » Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:19 am

Hi, VD3 two big pits on free time room are 24/7 taken from Isay and Alex HK guy, since i started play back they are there. (2 months).
Not lvling, not inviting anyone to party them. Leting new players and old who want to lvl new characters without any chance of get good exp.
Can even get at least a warning for 10 consecutive hours partyng? bcz we all know well they not upping tt or exp. we all already know what they doing.
So i suggest to rent them and emporia and put some mobs there so they can keep farming maps, or atleast make new pits of gazers on another maps.
Idk man, i want to leech from 12X ppl and i cant. I cant as anybody cant also.
Can anyone do something about this?
I mean, some new rule about permanence on pits. Yllse got many new players or old player who start from 0 and thy asking to party on vd3, how gms can asnwer they needings?
Can ask PhanTomDz, Armagedon, Armapriest, Caripelon, Ralph, Kagura,MasterKaneda.
Ppl need to VD3 experience. What we could do with that? We all want to join FREE TIME ROOM. Maybe all vd3 on FREE TIME and FREE enter could be a solution.
Maybe wipe that farmers are the solution. Maybe turn PK on in VD3 are the solution.

I want to know what you guys think about it. What can gm do on this abuse.

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Re: VD3

Postby bminickw » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:28 am

Turn VD 3 PK ON.... I'll take care of them ;)
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Re: VD3

Postby mewraja » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:50 am

There are actually better pits in the timer room if anyone is genuinely wants to level up. You just have to reset your party every 1h or 45 mins is all.
I guess most people opt for permanent afk leveling.

Seems that the there are unwritten rules about who owns which pit in the no timer room.
1) Whoever gets there first, he owns the pit.
But the word "first" became subjective.
First to reach there after pit been unoccupied for some time?
First to set a party after the previous party wiped/dead/disconected?
2) Whoever was at the pit the longest, he owns the pit as a "regular".

I'd support rule #1, but against #2.
Issue with rule #1 is that people may deliberately try to wipe the existing party at pit.
Since PK is off, it's a bit hard to get it done.
But if somehow existing party gets wiped, any new party being set at the pit will likely get blamed for wiping the previous party on purpose, whether it is the case, or not.

Still, your argument on only no timer room for leveling in VD3 is just flawed.

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