[Event] Meet-and-Greet!

Here will be posted the upcoming events in the world of Dragon Raja.
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[Event] Meet-and-Greet!

Postby GMTybern » Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:55 am

Hello dear players,

I will host my first event hope you all enjoy!

Sunday Server Time 0:00, Dec 24th, 2017
Two hours after Local War and two hours ahead of Undead Dungeon.

OX Quizz map

I will be giving a lot of questions about DragonRaja, as a player you need to race to be the first to answer the question. As the reward to the winner of each question he or she can ask a number slot in my bag, and take whatever item on that slot.
There will be 30 easy questions(slot 10-39), 20 normal questions(slot 40-59), and 10 hard questions(slot 60-69). You only have one chance to answer each question, and can only get one reward in each category. However, there will be a score point for each fastest correct answer you give, easy answer count as 1 point, normal one count as 2 points, and hard one count as 3 points, at the end top 3 highest scored players will get a special gifts(slot 70-72) from me for being the smart donkeys! :D

Be polite :)

Side note 1: I have changed a lot questions from DragonRaja Novel to DRG game related.
Side note 2: I will use general chat as the event chat for taking answers, please focus on event topics. If things are not working out well, I will be only taking answers from whispers.

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Posts: 169
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Re: [Event] Meet-and-Greet!

Postby GMTybern » Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:09 am

The event has be finished, it was actually really smooth than I expected. Thanks for all the participators who made it out, and congrats to the top three winners:

1. TheMountain: 26 pts
2. Heaven: 17 pts
3. Kidz: 12 pts

If you have any suggestion to improve this kind of event, feel free to PM me, I will reward you depends on the ideas (Y)

I'll look forward to see you all later!

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