Warming up PvP Events

Here will be posted the upcoming events in the world of Dragon Raja.
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Warming up PvP Events

Postby GMGeek » Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:49 pm

Hello friends! Did you miss me?

Ok, here's the deal: I will be hosting some small PvP Events around this month, in randon times.
I will be posting on forum everytime, one hour ahead, to let you know...

These events will be mostly for fun (not real rewards, only small things).
Its just to help me testing our Arena System and collect data for future events.

Soon we will be hosting a real PvP Event, with real rewards, matchs and teams.

So, are you up to help me? :go:

Lets see who is the best of us!
- If I replyed to your ticket, I will work on it until It is done. But keep in mind I can't solve most of them. In that case, I gotta request admins to work on it.

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