Tournament Schedule

Here will be posted the upcoming events in the world of Dragon Raja.
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Tournament Schedule

Postby GMTempest » Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:24 pm

135+ Bracket
Each match will be a best of 3.
3rd Place match will be held at the same time as the finals match.

115-134 Bracket

This match will be a best of 3.
Winner: Team BloodLust

101-114 Bracket

Apocolypse Knights VS Team IDK
Tuesday 2:00 Server Time
Winner: Team IDK

IDK VS Team Suicide
Wednesday 6:00 Server Time*
Winner: Team IDK

Team Suicide VS Apocolypse Knights
Saturday 17:00 Server Time

Each team will face each other once. A win will earn your team a point.
The team with the most points will be first place, 2nd most points will be 2nd place, and least points will be last place.
Events of tie will be determined by another match.

The 6:00 match must be self-managed. The winner of the match must PM me the results.

1-99 Bracket

Winner: Team GForce
This match will be a best of 3.

General Notes
-After each match, teams will be given 5 minutes to repot before a match begins.
-If a member of a team has not shown up yet, 10 minutes will be allowed before the match begins (Only for first match).
-If the time slot is bad for your team, please PM me ASAP. You will be given until the end of Monday to do so.
-In the case that the highest level of your outlevels their bracket, you will be rescheduled. You must PM me if this happens. If you wait until the match, your team is automatically disqualified.
-Matches will be held at Castle Arena. If 2 matches are scheduled at the same time, another will be held at Core arena. Self-managed matches can be held at either arena.
-If for some reason a GM is not present at your match, you can go ahead and self-manage the match.

Team Roster
Team: Zypern Power
Team Leader: RoyalHaze Lvl 150
Team mates: Elmaa Lvl 14x ,SimpleStupid 14x

Team: Revival
Team Leader:Revival Lvl 14x
Team Mates: Alantoong2020 Lvl 13x, IMpriest Lvl 13x

Team Name: Crazy Madness
Team Leader: JuN Lvl 150
Team Mates: OmegaSage Lvl 14x,Jesse Lvl 14x

Team Name: Stax
Team Leader: Stax Lvl 15x
Team Mates: Bocklove 13x, tingmonarch 14x

Team Name: BloodLust
Team Leader: Firestyle, Level 12x
Team Mates: Charena, Level 10x and SwordAndRoses, Level 12x

Team Name: Spyros
Team Leader: Spyros Lv.12x
Team Mates: LyMoC Lv.12x, ColoMaX Lv.12x

Team Name:Appocolypse Knights
Team Leader: Ipwn Lvl 10x
Team mate: Danna Lvl 10x, Techn9ne Lvl 10x

Team name: idk
Team leader: RexWan Lvl 10x
Team Mates:Adveric, Lvl 10x, CMO, warrior Lvl 10x

Team name: Suicide
Team Leader: DarkWizardGIrl Level 105
Team Mates: N/A

Team Name: GForce
Team Leader: Gforce Level 8x
Team mates: IamLegend Level 6x

Team Name: Dark Sentinel
Team Leader: Scheherazade Level 6x
Team Mates: Babo Level 6x
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