Dragon Raja Global Terms of Service

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Dragon Raja Global Terms of Service

Postby GMSignPainter » Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:31 pm

1. Introduction
You have obtained a license to the Software and your rights are subject to this License. Except as expressly licensed to you herein

Players are responsible to read and understand the rules. Players are also responsible to periodically check if there are any changes to the rules. All decisions made by the GM team will be under the assumption that players have read and understood the rules. Everytime the rules will be updated, players will be notified.

The rules we have written are to ensure a pleasant gaming experience for all players. As such, it is up to each individual player to read the rules and follow the rules accordingly. Any player found to violate the rules listed here will be punished accordingly. Any ambiguity in the rules shall be construed strictly to ensure a pleasant gaming experience.

2. Cheats and third party softwares
The use of cheats is strictly prohibited. Cheating is defined as, "the use of a third-party program that allows actions not allowed under normal gaming circumstances which allows the player to gain an advantage over other players." Any player caught using any cheat for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage over other players will be banned. The length of the ban will depend on what kind of exploit was used but usually it is :
  • 1 month on first offense.
  • 3 months on second offense.
  • Permanently on third offense.

Regarding third party softwares, any software allowing you to do anything not possible without their use is not allowed, unless the GM Team says otherwise. If you’re using a software to make your gaming experience better and don’t know if it is allowed, don’t hesitate to contact the GM Team.
The following third softwares are allowed :
  • Macro programs (for non-harass purposes only)
  • Autoclickers
  • VPNs and other softwares improving network quality (like WTFast).

3. Modifying Game Files
Modifying game files in any shape or form is strictly prohibited. Punishment for game file modification will be a ban. (See 2. Cheats and use of third party softwares for more information about bans). However, modifying UI files (files ending with .ui) in order to make a Custom UI is allowed, but please restrain it to the add-on folder.
However we do allow an exception (for now) for the PCloud file as it is mostly annoying for players than anything.

4. Account sharing and scams
Players are responsible for the security and access to their accounts. We the GM Team do our part by making sure nobody can breach in our database or even be able to do anything to the players’ accounts if somehow this happened. Everything else is the player’s responsibility. We strongly recommend players to not use the same information as on other websites or games. We also advise players to not share their accounts with anybody. If a player still wishes to share their account (or just want it to be even more secure), we provide a service called “Dragon Guard” on our website which allows the player to control who has access to their account and restrict what kind of access they have.
If for some reason the player’s account get scammed by someone he shared with (which is what happens in 99% of the scam cases), the player must contact the GM Team as fast as possible if they wish to get their items back. The GM Team will then proceed to restore any lost item that we deem restorable.

Regarding other kinds of scams such as an ingame trade gone wrong, the player must be very careful of what they trade, making sure to verify the trade content before accepting. If for some reason the player still gets scammed, they have to contact the GM Team as fast as possible. Again, the GM Team will try to restore what was lost.

Finally, regarding real money trades or account selling, this is entirely the player’s responsibility. While we will do the necessary mail changes if the previous owner agrees to, it is not our responsibility if the previous owner of the account refuses the mail change after taking the buyer’s money. Same goes regarding item trades for real money if the buyer never gets the items.

However, regardless of the case, scamming other players is a vile act the GM Team will not tolerate. While we ask players to be responsible for the security of their accounts and trades, we will not tolerate any scam attempt in any sort of form. If a player is caught attempting to scam another player, he will be sanctioned with a ban. The ban length will depend on the severity of the scam.

5. Bugs
Players are encouraged to report any bugs they find (they will even be rewarded depending on the severity of the bug!). Any player found knowingly abusing bugs for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage over players will be punished. The bug in question will determine the severity and length of punishment.

5.1. Punishment for Bug Abuse
If a player is caught abusing a bug he did not report, he will receive a ban with a length depending on the severity of the bug. Low severity bugs will get the player banned for a few days to a week while a High severity bug will get the player banned for at the very least a month (or even permanently). Obviously, any advantage the player got during while abusing the bug will get cleaned.

Bug severity will be determined by the level of impact it has to the character in question, the impact it has on other characters, and on the game as a whole. Bug severity will only be determined by the GM team. Doubts cast upon the GM team's decision on bug severity will be considered, but decisions on bug severity will be left to the GM team and the GM team only.

5.2. Exceptions
Bugs, such as "ice death" or double extreme fire/ice are allowed to be used. While strictly not part of the original game design, they have been accepted widely by the community to be beneficial and even needed. Future determinations of bug exceptions will only be made by the GM team. The community may give their input and all inputs will be considered.

5.3 Bug bounty
As mentioned previously, players are encouraged to report any bugs they encounter. If a player runs into a bug that is considered Medium or High severity (a bug that could potentially give unfair advantage to anyone abusing it or even break the game economy) they should report it to the GM Team. Concealing such information, even while not abusing it, will be considered with the same severity as abusing it. However, if the player chose to report the bug instead, he will be rewarded by the GM Team. The reward will depend on the severity of the bug and the information given by the player. In the past, players helping the GM Team by reporting game breaking bugs have been rewarded with legends and even items of their choice.

6. Harassment
Harassment will be defined as, "any intentional action(s) to ruin another player's gaming experience." To prevent abuse, both IP and character will be considered. This means you cannot simply switch characters to continue your harassment. Furthermore, the harassment rules can be changed at leisure to fit the situation at hand as such; please do not conduct any obvious act of harassment thinking you have found a loophole. Breaking the harassment rule will result in a warning first, followed by a few days ban on the next offences (subject to be extended depending on the number & degree of offences)

The following circumstances will be, but not limited to, considered harassment.

Targeted harassment and personality degradation.
While Dragon Raja is a PvP game and a few heated moments can happen, please refrain from over-insulting someone or making them unable to play.

Setting up “cams” to watch map entrances (and similar purposes)
While World PvP is part of the game, please refrain from setting up characters that check the map entrances for the sole purpose of being notified when someone enters it to then go and harass them. Any character caught will be disconnected and we will trace it back to the player’s main character. Any abuse will be sanctioned.

7. Appeals Process
After a ban or warning has been issued, the player has one chance to appeal that decision. After the GM team deliberates on that appeal, any decision that stems from it will be FINAL..

When a decision is final, the case will be closed and any inquiries will be ignored. Players may discuss the issue as long as they stay within forum rules, but GMs will not take a part of that discussion.

If a player’s account has been suspended following the acts of another user than themselves, they must appeal as soon as possible. If it is possible to prove the player wasn’t the offender, the ban will then be shortened (but still applied) and the one really responsible will take the blame on his main character instead.

8. Termination of Dragon Raja Global Services (hence forth known as DRG) & Accounts
DRG may also terminate your Account(s) (and access to all related properties) for violation of this Terms of Service, illegal or improper use of your Account, or illegal or improper use of DRG services. You may lose your in-game personas as a result of Account termination. If you have more than one Account, we may terminate all of your Accounts and all related properties. DRG may issue you a warning, or may immediately terminate any and all Accounts that you have established. You acknowledge that DRG is not required to provide you notice before terminating your Account(s). If DRG terminates your Account, you may not participate in a DRG Service again without DRG's express permission. Contact our support desk over at https://dragonraja.eu/support to solve any issues in a timely fashion. DRG reserves the right to refuse to keep Accounts for, and provide DRG services to, any individual. You may not allow individuals whose Accounts have been terminated by DRG to use your Account.

9. Consent to Use of Data.
Logging on to DRG means you consent to DRG collecting, transmitting, and storing non-personally identifiable data including your Internet Protocol Address, Media Access Control address as well as game play and software usage statistics. DRG may use this information to improve our products and services.

Any change to the ToS will be notified.

Please use common sense and do not try to find a loophole in the rules. Because one point is not clear enough or is missing does not mean you can necessary abuse it, the GM Team reserves the right to decide what is allowed and what is not. If you think something should be allowed or something should not, please contact someone from the GM Team.

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