Official Changelog

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Official Changelog

Postby GMTempest » Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:09 pm


New Dragon Raja Global Features:
- Job Quests for jobs instead of macroing.
- Removed the need of Ladder for Dual Class
- Removed SMP
- Tactic Cap after level 100
- Tactic Leeching after level 100
- Warrior Splash Damage (Lightning Boom Skill) increased
- Level Reward system
- Various Items are now stackable
- Dual Fame is now stackable with a Cap of 100
- Changed Warmaster Dual Symbol to 'Smart - Accurate'
- Changed Desperado Dual Symbol to 'Force - Accurate'
- Increased bank space
- Increased guild warehouse space
- Potions of the same kind automatically go in the potion box
- Higher materials of jobs will now be obtainable in nation towns
- You can now cast buffs on other players by clicking on their party portrait

Feb 11
-Crashes should be fixed
-Attempted to fix problem with reward items put in the merchant board if bag is full
-Attempted to fix some skills not giving exp
-Stackable items should be fixed
-Map crash at when a player reaches lvl 61
-Some skills not giving exp
-Job quests not giving exp

Feb 16
- Fixed Mantle dye not working properly
- Fixed Password incorrect when it isn't
- Fixed Resource rate calculated incorrectly
- Fixed Trade being set to off when changing map
- Fixed Secondary Job where NPC wasn't getting the items and keeping silent
- Fixed NPC taking too much items for jobs quests.

Feb 20
- Merchant / Announcement menu is now in english
- Client not saving hotkeys or spells (due to client failing to make the needed files)
- Thief title 'spy' changed to 'Spy' t
- Party emotion icon now says 'PARTY'
- Fixed when trying to request a guild emporia without being in a guild it says 'You already have emporia'
- War explanation button is now in english
- Removed /smpt
- Background music can now be disabled when unchecking Music at Client Launch
- Inventory slot (5, 3) fixed
- Lock the explanation of item stats within item mall to the left side of menu (stops it getting in the way while people are browsing through etc.)
- Dual class descriptions are now in english
- Dual class symbol descriptions are now correct
- Message box of Item Mall will now show properly
- Chat colours not loading when changed using either updater or directly changing chatcolour.ini
- The Grass showing in Light Dungeon has been fixed - Bug Report
- Changed in Guild menu 'Guild Modufy Info' to 'Guild Modify Info'
- Incorrect chant being shown in temple when you get it wrong.
- Missing HairDye Menu
- Removed the message 'Could not find the case...'
- Changed text formatting and corrected errors for signs / direction signs
- Incorrect Arena Names - Bug Report
- Castle Arena 2 Map messed up (Arena is now named Dungeon Arena)
- Stacks of logs can now be saw without ending up with only one timber.
- Fixed several typos in the Job Quests and some other bugs
- Added Daily Quests for Mining
- Added /guildparty command
- Added /nationparty command
- Added /ping command
- Should have fixed the bug with incorrect password
- Item Mall NPC in Dark Dungeon has been removed
- War should be fixed
- Potion of the same kind should now go directly in the potion box when picking them on the ground
- Mantle Dye should be fixed
- Higher Materials can now be found in towns
- Stackable food items can't be put in the quick bar anymore
- Gift won't be duped in the Merchant Board if you receive 4 and can't have a 5th cause your bag is full
- Should have fixed GM Registration not accepting stacks of items.

Feb 27
- Added new Rare System, now making an item gives you 100% Success Rate for that Item ONLY. If you want 100% success for another item, you have to make this item first (in normal)
- Fixed (sometimes you get a warning that you are low on arrows/knives even if you got a lot)
- Added Herb Digging and Candle Making quests
- Changing chat colour using updater will now work. You will however need to change chat colour again if you have done so already because the update replaces the chatcolour.ini

April 05
- Fixed a bug with Tactic Cap after lvl 100.
- Fixed a heavy bug with Daily Quests.
- Fixed bug with Copper not droping at low levels.
- Puting back seeds in Farming Store.
- Puting Farming Quest (cause it seems those were missing).
- Fixed Bug where some NPCs were duplicated.

April 12
- Fixed bug with Collossus Arena
- Fixing bug with "First" messages.
- Fixing bug with Tactic Exp Rate after level 100
- Removed the Exp of some Priest Spells
- Fixed a crash when opening the Teleporter List

April 14
- Orc bodies now disappears slower
- Job quests (Typos, NPC Locations) All fixes will not be included, but there will be alot of improvements. We will be removing the monster killing daily quests until we have fully fixed them.
- Added hamburgers back into the cooking shop
- Whisper bug fixed
- Resource rates for Mining, Lumbering, Fishing, and Herbdigging will be increased

April 19
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed some Hack exploits
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