Minor update on upcoming changes

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Minor update on upcoming changes

Postby GMbluefire » Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:40 pm

Hi all

I'm here to give everyone a small update on what's to come in future patches. Please keep in mind there may be tweaks here and there so I won't go into the specifics.

- Experience rate for 100+ mobs will be increased by 1.5x (sorry for my previous mistake, I obviously don't know my math :( )added
- Mini bosses such as DB and Cyclops will further double the experience they give added
- Remember the daily exp/fame/dual fame daily quest during the Christmas event? It'll make a permanent comeback, with adjusted rates
- Tactic leeching for 150+ will return added

Drop Rates

- DB and Cyclop skin drop rate will be tripled added
- Mini bosses will now drop secrets
- Low maps will have increased drop rate added
- Mini bosses will have a higher chance of dropping low maps added
- World bosses will now drop maps (including medium and high maps) added


- Guild alliance will be added added
- We will remove the daily rare making limit for secondary job GMs
- We will add a teleporter to VD and seekers added
- We are exploring options to reduce monster damage from 100+ mobs. This is not definite.
- We definitely want to add a dual fame and fame vendor. But we are still working on the details.
- We are looking at symbols. That's all I can say at this point. I just wanted to point out we hear you on this subject.

And finally, I want to apologize to the community on some of my outbursts. I know there's no excuse for such behavior so I will leave it at that. I just want to add that we have only one GM who can make the coding changes necessary to improve DR. We have many ideas and a lot of them are fleshed out and ready to be implemented. But one person can only do so much, especially when that person has his own responsibilities and life to take care of. So I implore everyone to have some patience with us.

I think we have demonstrated that we are committed to continuing this server and make improvements so it is enjoyable to everyone. We have made numerous changes and improvements, including delivering on the legend rework and adding some semblance of end game content. We hope to encourage older players to return and that is the goal of the changes outlined above. When all the changes above are implemented, it should be much easier for older players to catch up.

Thank you.

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Re: Minor update on upcoming changes

Postby GMSignPainter » Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:36 am

Development has been more active lately (I've been having more free time :) ), expect some of the remaining changes to be released very soon.

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