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Dragon Guard Help

Postby GMSignPainter » Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:23 am

Dear Players,

Here's a small help regarding Dragon Guard:

So what is Dragon Guard?
Dragon Guard is security feature we have added with Patch 67 and 68 for you all. It basically allows you (if enabled) to restrict your account access to people you authorize through e-mail activations.
It also allows you to restrict who can move your items around in the list of people allowed to access your account.

How to activate it?
Simply by loging on the website and clicking on the Dragon Guard link in the Login Panel.

This will bring you to this page:

You simply then have to click on "Turn on Dragon Guard" to activate it. This will send you an e-mail to confirm your action through a link you must click on.
The mail wil also contain a PIN code that you must write down in order to manage your Dragon Guard device list.
Don't forget to save the PIN code somewhere ! And never give it to anyone, even to those who have access to your account !
If you ever lost your PIN or need to change it, you simply have to disable and enable Dragon Guard again and a new PIN will be given to you.

When clicking on the link, Dragon Guard will be activated and you will get this confirmation message :

Your Dragon Guard page should now have a few more options as below :

Here you can :
- Enable/Disable Dragon Guard (with a confirmation mail once again)
- Enable/Disable item protection
- Turn on/off item protection for every new device by default
- Manage the devices that have access to your account (enable/disable item protection per device, revoke devices)
- Check a login history on your account to see which device loged when.

To turn on item protection, you must click on the "Enable item protection" button. This will send you a mail with a link to click on in order to enable it.

Now that your account uses Dragon Guard, if you try to log in on a new device for the first time, you will get this message :

This means your device was not recognized by Dragon Guard. Therefore, a mail has been sent to the account's owner with a link to enable the device:

Upon clicking on the link, the website will invite you to enter a name for the device in order to register it :

You then just have to click on the "Activate Device" button and tada !

You can now login on your account using the Client :)

You can also now manage the devices on this page :

If for some reason the key activation does not work the first time, try again.

For the Revoke action and the per device item protection enable/disable, you need to use your PIN code.

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