Guide to using the new arena system

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Guide to using the new arena system

Postby GMSpherix » Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:36 pm

We have recently released our new arena system, allowing teams and individuals to fight other (randomly matched) players and/or teams.

This system is currently in testing phase, and will take a great part in upcoming events for Dragon Raja. Therefore it's important to us and yourselves that the arena system is tested a lot! Since not everything is finished and thus not a clear as we might want it to be in the future, I've written a guide on how to use the system. In the future, we will have events using this system, posting rankings on the website, rewarding top teams and so on, so it's well worth testing this, the sooner we think it's done, the more gameplay you get!

Joining a queue:
To join a queue as individual or team, simply press the 'Z' hotkey whilst out of chat mode, or click on the small paper icon above the battle mode button in the lower right of the interface.

You will then be presented with this screen:


If you are not part of a team, you can still join a queue but you cannot play ranked matches without being part of a team.
Playing an unranked match: the middle button at the bottom shows either 'Ranked' or 'Unranked', click on the button to change the status. If the button shows Unranked, you can select a queue and click Join. You will play this match alone, instead of with your team. The option to play practice matches with your team has not been implemented yet.

Playing a ranked match: Make sure the button at the bottom says 'Ranked' before you click Join. Since ranked matches are only possible with teams, you will need to join a party with your team members and be in the same map as them to be able to join a match once the queue has been filled up with other players. Make sure you only have members of your arena team in your party, or you cannot join the queue.

If the queue is full enough, a popup will appear on your screen asking if you (and your teammates) are ready to join the match. You have 30 seconds to respond to this message before it disappears.

Leaving the queue:
When you are in a queue, you will see this icon in the right top of your screen:


Simply left click on this icon and the following menu will appear:


Click 'Yes' to leave the queue, click 'No' to exit.

Team management & rankings:
To use the system as a team for ranked matches, you must go to to the Colussus Arena, you will find an NPC at (101,106) which lets you manage your teams for the arena matches.

When you talk to the NPC, the following menu opens:

If you select New Team you can create a team for the 2vs2, 3vs3 or 5vs5 matches in the arena via the following menu:


Here you can enter your name and select the type of matches you would like your team to participate in. You can be a member or leader of a total of 3 teams in this arena system.

If you select Manage Team from the menu earlier shown, you can manage your teams by adding or deleting players, or disband the entire team via this menu:


You can also leave a team you are participant in this way.

If you select Leaderboards from the first menu, you can check out either your personal rankings, or the team rankings.


If you click on a team name in this screen, you will see additional information regarding that team. To search for a specific team name, enter their name in the search field.

Planned improvements:
- Being able to play unranked matches with your team
- Being able to see how many players/teams are currently in a queue

Other important information:
- You can play up to 10 ranked matches a week. You can play more matches a week, but team ranking will not be affected; personal ranking will! Any team that has not played 10 matches in that week can still gain or lose ladder from fighting your team.
- The ranked match limit resets every Wednesday

Known bugs:
- When you try to leave the queue from a map where you cannot usually join the queue, it will display the message saying that you cannot join the queue from this map and will not leave it.
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