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RC responsibilities and explanations

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:48 pm
by GMTempest
As some of you may have remembered, some time ago, there was a report of RCs disconnecting and warning a player harassing another player. There were concerns that this was an abuse of powers as it was implied that RCs only had the responsibility of checking for AFKers. I have conducted a investigation on what RCs can and can't do and these are my findings:

:arrow: They can check for AFK levelers and report/warn them
:arrow: They can check for hackers and report them
:arrow: They can warn for ingame emergencies when no GMs are on to do so

Their powers consist of disconnecting players and teleporting to players.

There are currently 3 RCs in the game:

They will appear online (if on) in your friends list if added, allowing you to whisper/mail them if you require any assistance.

Any further questions, please direct them to GMSignPainter as he is manages all the RCs.