Repeatable exp monster killing quest

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Repeatable exp monster killing quest

Postby mewraja » Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:05 am

I leveled two characters recently and noticed a bug or incorrect mob kill assignation.

At around level 60-ish, when the npc tells to kill "Ogres", but the quest actually requires kills of "Ogre Kings" to get credit for kill count.

This is not right as Ogre King level range is 76-78 or something and the lower Ogre is at the right level range.

Rest of the quests have been assigning the right level of mobs (give or take 5-10 levels difference than player).

But this Ogre King is more than 11, as I remembered I got the quest at around level 63 and Ogre King level is orange colour to me.

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