Butchering and Monster Corpse Stacking Issue

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Butchering and Monster Corpse Stacking Issue

Postby zhouyi311 » Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:45 am

Hi Dr Team,

To be straightforward, my problem is shown in the image attached -- at least 6 corpse stacking together, and they died at the same time. Those bodies that underneath the top one are all wasted. Even through if those corpse are not completely stacking, to remember which crops that have been butchered and those haven't yet, will be a very very challenging thing to remember. Especially when a SINGLE QUEST requires like 40 skins already.

I understand this game is old. But this issue wont be hard to improve I think, even without any server side update. My suggestion is that:

a) Remove corpses that been successfully butchered
c) or shorten the disappear delay for those bodies
b) or just make them invisible after butchering

And the option a wont even need server side changes, could just simply remove those body data from the RAM of user's client.
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At least 6 corpse stack together

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