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Re: LG from maps

Postby mewraja » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:17 am

proeel wrote:i rather gm add something like a craft system
(since i believe after a year, most people are d5, those quest items are becoming useless)
maybe create a craft system with those quest items
you collect something and you get a chance of getting one of ur class of lg etc

(at least the craft system i mentioned, u cant macro all the material u need lol)
gives people (active players) who actually attend quests, join events, something in return
this is a better way of keeping the server more interesting n alive
not just everything is macro-based. (rares, leveling, maps)

-1 to your crafting system unless the crafting system is fair to everyone (e.g. fair dungeons participation points) rather than crafting using dungeon boss exclusive drops which is unfair for those who rarely/barely get any loot from dungeon due to latency/lag disadvantage, etc.

Even with low maps being macro-able, they still need to be done (involves time and effort) until at least high maps to actually yield something notable and even so not all d1 pieces are that useful (having only g8 limit and minor ac difference than crafted rares).

While making it looter-class based drop from map chests is not necessarily making it "too easy", it should not be looter-class based drop because this will give map more advantage than going to dungeons for those who are going for legendary drops, which feels not right.
Maps already giving an advantage that players have control in doing the maps themselves. It should not add any further benefit compared to dungeons.

proeel wrote:making it too easy just makes players quit faster since they reached their goal

if macro > hunt > best lg sets, this will kill the game faster :/

I like how shallow your goal is, then generalising your goal as other player's goal too.
If anyone has that kind of goal, then the server lose nothing when that player quits.
Why collect/craft at all if you're not going to use them?

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